How to make pasta carbonara

Here is everything you need. It took us 40 minutes from here to dinner plate, but you won't be photographing every step, so thirty.

Your P-R should look like this. That is the official Italian stamp certifying this to be Parmigiano that deserves the capital P. All the other kinds are not as good. Trust me.

Oops- I forgot to put wine in the picture. Use Pinot Grigio if someone at your house doesn't get cranky about it. Vermouth is also a good choice because almost no one drinks it, so you always have it.

Let's talk about garlic. You can't use too much. Enough said. It will cook to silky sweetness , so don't worry. Best way to prep- slice off the bottoms, cut in half. The peel will fall off. That green

bit is a new garlic plant trying to get out. So, get it out. In general, green means old garlic and you see it more as winter marches on. Another reason to look forward to spring. Cut them in half.

Hey, watch those fingers! You know the right way.

Put the garlic in 3 Tbls of extra virgin olive oil. Buy good oil, always. Nothing that says "lite" or "blend". And, canola is genetically altered rapeseed that is now digestible- throw it away.

Cook the garlic on low until they are easily pierced with a fork. It takes about 10 minutes so start slicing the bacon. Don't let them brown.

You could use Pancetta. I could use Pancetta , but at my market, it was $30/ lb. So,use the best bacon, which is Nueskes. Sadly, it's hard to find so, use the best you can find.

Bacon should be in1/4 inch slices, but it's not that important. Let's just say small.

Around now, you should get a big pot of water going. Spaghetti takes 12 minutes

When the garlic is perfect , like this, take it out with a slotted spoon.

Add the bacon to the pan and turn it up a bit. We want the bacon to be cooked, but not crisp. If this were pancetta, you'd cook it until the edges curled- not very long. Bacon takes longer.

Don't forget to turn on the exhaust . I think everything's better with bacon, but not my bed linens .Ventilate.

I hope you have one of these graters. They will save your knuckles. You need 1 cup, but do more to serve on the side.

This grater does a better job than the Cuisinart. By "this grater", I mean Sam.

Is time to put in the pasta? Did you do the math? Dump it in, along with some salt, and stir. I have a friend who stirs constantly, but I think she's paranoid. Occasionally will do. Set the timer.

Back to bacon. This is ready, but if you like it more cooked, go ahead. Since this isn't Nueske's, there's pretty much fat. Pour it off.

Sam adds 1/4 cup of wine to deglaze the pan. Let it cook for 1-2 minutes while scraping the good stuff of the bottom and sides.

Looking good. If you don't already have one, go get a silicone spatula. Right now. Because you'll be so bugged when you use your rubber one and it melts.

Add the garlic and set aside.

Beautiful .

Now, get out your lovely pasta bowl, the eggs and a small bowl. If you are nervous about eating raw eggs, go no further. These will not be cooked to any kind of gov't approved temperature.

Sam breaks eggs with one hand because he is awesome . I bet his mother is too. You could learn- just buy a couple dozen and practice. Eggs are cheap and it will impress your friends.

Put the eggs in the bowl and beat with a fork. Then, add cheese, parsley and a bunch of black pepper.

You should get a good pepper mill. This one is 20 years old and indestructible , so far. It also lets you vary the grind, if you care. We just use the huge setting.

This is Italian parsley but you could use the regular kind. Seems nice to use the Italian , though.

Well done. Is the pasta ready?

Drain the pasta then pour it onto the egg mixture.

Put the bacon pan back on the heat to warm it. Toss the pasta.

When it's warm, add the meat.

Get all the good stuff.

Maybe Sam should've used a bigger bowl?

Fabulous! Dig in.

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