How to tie upgraded chinese decorative cloverleaf knot

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Cut a length of 2mm nylon thread, about 56cm long. Divide it into eight 7cm-long segments. Pin the thread on a flat with 7 ball headpins. Tie a crown knot with the 4 ends.

Bring loop A to go through loop B from front side. Next, pass the loop B through loop A from back side. Fix the loops A & B with the same pins.

Take the loop C to pass it through the Loop D from front side. Make sure the Loop C passes OVER the loop A but UNDER the Loop B. Next, pass the loop D through Loop C from back side.

Remove all ball headpins. Melt the two ends in loop A so that you may get a complete one. Lighten four folded loops slightly.

Pull the four folded loops in first crown knot to adjust the sizes of two loops. Do the same process with the rest three corners.

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