How to cook spinach cream pasta

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Boil Water to cook the spinach

Then after the water boils put a spoon of salt into the pot

Add the spinach let it cook for 5 seconds seriously just 5!

Pour the steamed spinach into the blender

Grind the pecans

Cut your onions into half six pieces

Boil your pasta, boil it at least for 12 minutes

Put your onions to the frying pan add Olive Oil, Powdered Garlic, Pepper and salt let it cook until onion is glowing

After the pasta is boiled put it in a bowl

This is how the onions should look like once they are cooked

Cut half of the fresh cheese then cut it into medium pieces

Once cut put into the blender

And the onions too

Pour the heavy whipped milk

And basil paste

Then blend it all into the blender

Once it's blended add the grinned pecans and stir it


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