How to upcycle coffee cozies

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These little freebie wonders are one of my very favorite upcycled craft supplies!

They add lovely texture and flexible durability when needed.

Cut into fun shapes to add a pop of texture to any craft project.

Leaves or flower petals in a snap!

Arrange petals and add a button.

A simple hand cut heart shape to add a little oomph to this title.

Use torn pieces to create a unique, dimensional backdrop for titles or labels.

The coffee cozy's corrugated texture paired with the natural branch element, balances this book cover beautifully.

A few leaves are also added for a nice cohesive flow of elements and texture.

Cut cozies into strips to utilize their flexible durability.

Here, they are put to work as book binding hinges.

Lovely and strong.

Adding a little gesso really makes the cozy's texture pop!

A full cozy is used here to handle this unique binding hardware.

A larger piece of corrugated board is used as the book cover. The smaller cozy corrugation blends perfectly with this unique mix of industrial and steampunk.

You will never pass up a coffee cozy again! Enjoy!!

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