How to make red bean cinnamon glutinous pancakes

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200g is about half of this package! If you are lazy to weight it, just eyeball half of this. Add into a mixing bowl

Add the cinnamon!

Mix up the flour

Warm up the water slightly and add oil and sugar. Mix until the sugar dissolves. You do NOT need it to boil...(see next step)

In fact, you rather have the liquid cool. I cooled mine within a pan of ice for a few minutes. Not necessary if you didn't really heat it up too much.

Add some oil to you pan. But NOT too much, otherwise the pancake get really greasy and heavy.

Add the liquid to the flour mixture slowly and gauge how the consistency is... Shouldn't been too dry or too runny.

Roll the dough into 1 inch balls.

Make an even amount of balls because each ball will be flatten and stacked with another like a sandwich. Flatten the balls one at a time with your hands! It's sticky but you'll get use to it.

Get your red bean paste ready! I cut my corner and squeeze it out on my pancake (like a icing pipe)

Pipe and then I spread it with a knife. Be generous!

Plop one flatten dough on top.

Press the sides to close it up. It's okay if it isn't perfect.

Put them in your pan. Fry them for a few minutes on each side. Watch then closely so they don't burn.

I like to press them down with the back of my spatula so they get flatter and larger.

Looking good!

DONE! Best served fresh but if you can't eat them all, wrapped them up and reheat them in the conventional oven the next day. If you don't reheat it won't be gooey anymore, so don't skip that step!

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