How to make a simulated leather patchwork bottle cover

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Choose a bottle, preferably a bottle with some shape or style.

Remove all labels from bottle.

Take a strip of masking tape ....

Rip off pieces approximately 1/2" wide

I put these pieces on my hand so I don't have to put the bottle downs each time to cut a piece of tape.

Just keep adding tape, making sure to overlap each piece so no glass shows. No need to do this in any specific pattern.

Work your way up ....

and up .....

Continue until the whole bottle is covered.

Take a rag or sheet of toweling and apply the shoe polish to the whole bottle. You can spray the bottle with a polyurethane, but that's not absolutely necessary.

Top off with flowers or maybe a candle.

Can be done on almost any item. Eye drop bottles, soap dispensers, Kleenex boxes etc.

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