How to make herring egg salad

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Remove Eggs from branches by gently pulling them away from the hemlock. Remove any needles that have fallen into the bowl.

Separate egg clumps into bite size pieces by breaking them apart with your hands.

Place eggs in colander, pour boiling water throughout eggs evenly allowing them to be blanched.

Simmer peas on low in a small amount of water until they become soft. Strain and set aside for salad.

Dice cheese, onion, celery and peppers to be equal to pea size.

Optional ingredients: Ground Black Seaweed, Jalapeño powder, Pickled Beach Asparagus. Adjust this salad to your personal preference. The Jalapeño powder gives this salad a nice kick!

Pickled Beach Asparagus can be purchased through Gimbal Botanicals at

Mix all of your ingredients together with a large wooden spoon. Add mayonnaise to your desired consistency.

For best flavor, chill in your refrigerator for at least one hour. Serve generous amounts to your family or friends as they are sure to love this salad.

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