How to make a land snail cage

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All of the decor I found in my yard if you can't find these things or something similar in your yard go to a park.

Get your container and take off the lid

Then add some soil and spread it around,

Make shure it's about 1-2 inches deep or about 4 centimetres

Add in some nice sticks...

And maybe some more...

Oh and don't forget some rocks

Next put in some places to hide and some tunnels. Tunnels are optional.

This is also optional, I put in a dandelion plant for them to feed on but I will still need to feed them lettuce daily

REMEMBER: before you put your snails in lightly mist everything!Do this 1-2 times daily even when your snails are in there.this is very important. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP,if you do your snails will die!

All done!!!🐌

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