How to make walnut cookies

Mix all ingredients together. Flour in the very end!

Grease the pan, heat it on stove .

Make little balls and place them in the form, press well and bake on the stove turning occasionally. So both sides cook and turn brown

If you use little balls, they become out of shape.

The extra dough is easily removed! Better get extra than out of shape :)

Boil a can condensed milk in pot for 2 and half hours! Should turn chocolate brown ( mine didn't this time) Add some nuts if you like.

Fill the halves with cream, chocolate , or anything you like. Pit on the sides too so they will stick together

Bon appetite 🍪🍩🍫

Watch the video: Walnut Crescent Cookies. Easy Walnut Christmas Cookies. ASMR Cooking

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