How to create ribbon centers for paper flowers

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Items you will need to create this project. Patterned paper, Designer Templates or other flowers, pencil, scissors, ribbon, ink, dauber & adhesive.

First, using your Kiwi Lane Designer Templates, trace and cut any of the flower shapes that you would like to use.

Next, ink the edges of your flower with a dauber to give it a nice finished look. It will also give the layers of your flowers a nice pop!

Do this to all of your layers and place them where you are planning to adhere it. That way you do not forget the design you are working on.

When starting the ribbon center, tie a small knot in the end of the ribbon you are working with.

Then, using glue dots or a hot glue gun, adhere the ribbon to the center of your flower.

Then twist your ribbon and use more glue dots/glue gun to continue adhering the ribbon in a circular pattern.

Once you have filled the space you want, snip the ribbon and tuck under the edges of your center. I went ahead and added a bit more glue to make sure the end stayed put.

Try using different styles of ribbon or even adding a jewel or button to the center to dress it up even more!

Watch the video: Giant Fluffy Centre for Large Paper Flowers. DIY tutorial


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