How to use a nebulizer

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Remove the top section of the mouthpiece.

Add medicine to the lower section of the mouthpiece.

Reassemble mouthpiece.

Turn the nebulizer on.

Place the mouthpiece in the persons mouth keeping it as level as possible taking slow deep breaths. After several minutes of breathing tap the side of the mouthpiece to get the medicine to the bottom.

When the breathing treatment is done turn off the nebulizer and remove the tube from the bottom of the mouthpiece.

Disassemble the mouthpiece and rinse in warm water. Allow to air dry.

The mouthpiece & tubing should be occasionally cleaned with vinegar & water.

Completely disassemble the mouthpiece and submerse it in the vinegar / water solution. 1 part vinegar 2 parts water. Soak for 30 min. - 2 hours. Rinse with warm water. Air dry.

Reattach the tube to the nebulizer and turn it on. Place your thumb over the open end of the tube to create pressure allowing a little bit of air to escape. This will push the moisture out.

Now go kick asthma in the face.

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