How to make s'mores dessert cups

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begin by following instructions on mousse packets for "chocolate" layer. store in fridge while we work on other steps.

next comes the "marshmallow" layer

take 3 large spoonfuls of marshmallow fluff...approx 1/3 of 7 oz container

and 1/3 cup of heavy whipping cream

beat with fork until thick consistency

next add dash of vanilla

mix up & store in freezer until ready for use

mash graham crackers up (approx 3 sticks)

begin first layer!

grab mousse from fridge for second layer! (place back in fridge in between use)

next add later of marshmallow (be sure when doing layers to completely cover top to prevent leaking into other layers)

place marshmallow mixture back in freezer & add second graham cracker layer

second chocolate layer.....

(I like to add some chocolate chips in this one)

and then last marshmallow layer

now for the ganache! place 1/3 cup of chocolate chips in small bowl

next add 1/3 cup of heavy whipping cream into sauce pan

heat cream on medium until Quivers on top

then pour cream over chocolate chips (be aware of amount!!! will not use ALL cream!!) pour until there is slightly less cream than chocolate chips.

then begin mixing

once all chips are melted and there is a thick texture, you're ready to add to jars! (note: if you accidentally pour too much cream, add more chocolate chips. if too many choc chips, add more cream)

notice we did not use all heated cream!!!!!

carefully layer ganache on top of marshmallow layer

I add chocolate chips on top as well:)

ta da! store in fridge until ready to serve/give!

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