How to make nariyal ladoo, coconut fudge, gluten free

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We've moved which is why there have been no pieces lately... But I'm borrowing a friends kitchen while we're remodeling ours and started opening boxes looking for stuff to cook, thus the ladoo.

In a skillet or kadhai lightly toast the grated coconut on a low flame.

When the coconut is lightly golden, add in the cup of sweetened condensed milk.

Mix everything together well. When it's fully blended, add in the 2 Tbs of ricotta.

Blend it in well. Turn the heat up slightly, while continuing to stir.

Cook everything down well. Keep stirring.You don't want this to burn. When it starts to thicken and pull away from the pan. she's done.

What's going on here is you are cooking the moisture out of the milk and coconut. You are basically making a milk fudge

When the mixture is thick, take it off the heat and set it aside to cool. You are going to be sticking your mitts in there and rolling balls of coconut. You don't want to get burned!

While the coconut fudge is cooling, it's time to prepare the stuffing. In a skillet or pan melt 1 Tbs of unsalted butter, or ghee.

When the butter foams up and starts to clarify, toss in the cashew or almond pieces.

Toast them to a golden color. After the nuts are roasted, drain them on a paper towel and let them cool.

When the coconut mixture has cooled enough to handle, scoop spoonfuls of it into your hand and roll them into small balls.

Poke a small hole in each ball and stuff in a few pieces of nut filling.

Seal the balls up and roll them on a platter of more dried unsweetened grated coconut...

...and enjoy! For more recipes follow along on Twitter @kathygori

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