How to curl your hair with a straightener- the easy way

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Turn on and heat up your straightener, I put mine on the highest setting.

While it's heating up spray a heat protectant if you want I didn't. Brush through your hair.

Section off your hair into two sides then take the side you're working on and divide it into top and bottom.

Take a one inch? piece of hair.

Take your HOT straightener and slide the hair into the clamps.

Close down and start turning the straightener AWAY from the face.

After you've flipped the straightener put the longer end of the hair over the straightener like this and hold on to it as you run the straightener through your hair like you normally would.

Right after curl your hair with your finger while it's still hot. Don't run your fingers or brush through the curls until they have cooled down. That will help them stay longer.

Here it is :)

While you're curling your hair you want to make sure that the hair closest to the face is curling away from the face but you can alternate the rest I just prefer doing it all the same.

I have short-ish bangs right now so they're fairly annoying to work with so I just pinned them back in this twist braid. Want to learn how to do it? Let me know :)

Do you guys want to learn how to apply long lasting lipstick? Let me know :)

Watch the video: How to curl your hair salon style . how I curl my hair with straightener? PERFECT CURLS


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