How to cook truffle mac 'n cheese without going broke

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Ingredients (I use a dash of hot sauce at the end...optional)

Get your water boiling for the pasta. You want to have the pasta cooked and in a baking dish so you can pour on the sauce and pop in the oven.

Shred the cheese

Grab some wine

First we make the bechamel sauce. Well, actually, first I preheated the oven to 350. Melt the butter on med low heat in a med sized pot or Dutch oven as I have here. Do NOT let it brown!


I usually add the whole 2 cups of milk (oh and I am using skim milk).

Season with pepper

Can you smell that?! I love truffle salt! I added 2 pinches...but add 1-2 depending on your taste (or more!).

Now the cheese! Save a handful for when you bake it later.

Stir on low heat til cheese is melted and your sauce is nice and smooth.

There is that baking dish and the cooked pasta I mentioned. Pour the sauce over! And make sure you sample the cheese sauce!

Sprinkle that extra shredded cheese over the top and pop in the preheated oven (350) for 15-20 min. I like the top nice and crunchy so usually that takes about 20 min.

Et voila! Now eat! (And I like to dip an occasional bite into that hot sauce!)

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