How to prepare for overnight guests

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Fluff up those clean towels and lay out the extra toiletries you took from your last hotel stay (or snag some travel shampoo, conditioner and lotion at Target).

Use a serving tray (or the top of a nightstand or dresser) to hold the goodies for your guest.

Include a pen or pencil and something to write on. I found these cute postcards for free at a local store!

As someone who has a serious sweet tooth, I include chocolate or candy. I know I would be mortified if I were caught in the middle of the night searching in the pantry for something sweet!

Granola bars, fruit or chips are usually appreciated too.

Tea, hot cocoa and a mug are essential (especially in the winter)!

Awesome reading material about a local landmark!

Hangars out for your guest to see them and space in the closet.

Fresh flowers for some extra pampering!

Typically I include some Bon Appetit magazines too.

If you do not have q-tips and cotton pads easily visible in your bathroom, be sure to include a few with your guest's toiletries.

All set for your guests! (Oh and try to make sure you have both soft and firm pillows!)

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