How to make panzanella a.k.a stale bread salad

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I made this on the bread machine and then completely forgot, it was on the counter for 3 days now. Really it is hard like a brick

This was one slice roughly chopped

This is the amount of bread I used. Oh also it is wholegrain it absorbs nicely the flavors of the dressing

The olive oil I used is infused with rosemary, it's just amazing for this recipe! Try at home! You just have to add the oil and the chopped rosemary to a clean container and let sit for a few days!

Here you can see the rosemary. Add the oil to a skillet, heat it

Add some garlic, a pinch of salt and some grinds of pepper and the add the bread

This is the pepper mixture I use: black, white and pink peppers and a little bit of mustard seeds.

Chop everything roughly while your bread is in the skillet

When they they're crunchy and golden and flavorful of the peppers, rosemary and garlic turn off the fire and let sit for a while

Add to your bowl, the bread have to be the first layer to absorb all the juices from the tomatoes and the dressing

Then add your tomatoes


While you let the bread absorb the tomatoes chop the half onion and the cheese, (i used a local goat cheese)

Add to the bowl


I did not add any salt to the dressing because of the cheese and the capers, you'll see you don't need it!

On for the dressing! Some generous grinds of pepper

Generous glugs of olive oil

Balsamic vinegar (remember, is all to taste, so just adjust to your preferences/mood)

Mix it well

Fresh oregano, basil works as good and it's easier to find fresh.

Pour the dressing

And then start digging for your bread. Mix everything so it's all coated

and eat it! If you let sit for a while, flavors will intensify and bread will not be as crunchy, but still is just as great!

If there's some left, cover with cling film and refrigerate it. Now try not to eat the whole bowl at once and wait anxiously for your next brick of bread :D

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