How to cook cajan warm chicken salad

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Slice chicken into strips then wash hands thoroughly.

Place eggs into small pot. Bring eggs to boil. Let them simmer for 5-6 mins

Wash green cos lettuce, red cos lettuce and beetroot leaves. Then place in bowl.

Wash snow peas,snap the ends and pull string off. Then place in bowl.

Slice the tomato into eights. Take out core. Place in bowl.

Slice 1/3 of the capsicum off. Core the capsicum then take all the seeds out. Dice capsicum into cubes. Place into the bowl.

Thinly slice mushroom cup. Place into bowl.

Peel red onion. Slice very thin. Place into bowl

Wash cucumber. Cut off end, them dice them into cubes. Place into bowl.

Turn the heat off the eggs. Rinse under cold water.Then put oil into pan that you are going to cook the chicken in.

Then peel the shell off the eggs.

Cut eggs into quarters. Add to bowl.

Lightly sprinkle Cajan seasoning onto chicken.

Add chicken to fry pan. Cook till chicken is white.

Add chicken to the bowl.

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