How to Make SPAM Musubi

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This is a SPAM musubi maker. It is a plastic rectangular container with a compressor.

Nori is dried seaweed. It will be the outside part of the SPAM musubi. It is also used to make variety of sushi and Japanese dishes.

First place SPAM on a cutting board.

Next cut it into however many pieces you need. You can cut about 8 or 9 pieces.

After cutting the SPAM, place SPAM into the frying pan. Cook SPAM on high for about 3 minutes.

If wanted, you can add about 6 ounce or less of teriyaki sauce to add some flavor to your SPAM.

While the SPAM is cooking, cut the nori with clean scissors into however many SPAM musubi you are making.

Place nori on the cutting board, then put SPAM musubi maker in the middle of the nori.

Add cooked warm rice up to about a third of the SPAM musubi maker.

Then add the SPAM on top of the rice. I added furikake (it is a mixture of nori flakes and sesame seeds) in between, but this is optional.

Next add the last layer of rice.

Now compress it all together firmly until rice sticks together.

Then take off the SPAM musubi maker. Hold the top of the compressor down, then slowly slide up the container.

Next wrap the extra nori around the SPAM musubi. Put a little water on your finger and slide your finger along the end of the nori to make it stick.

Then you can enjoy your SPAM musubi.

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