How to find geometry in pkes morgan & yareli

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Some types of lines can go on and on and on, some can stop at one point and go on in the other direction, and some can or can not cross.

Lines are figures that go on , and on, on, and on forever long lasting.

Intersecting lines are on the tile in the school of PKES.

Two lines that never, ever cross are called parallel lines.

A figure with one end point and one line that goes on and on is a ray.

Examples of extra geometry would be the following...

The sight before you is an example of a polygon that is a closed 2d figure.

The picture is a sight of a quadrilateral outside of PKES.

The blue dot is an example of a point.

If you place a line through the arrow pointing to the front office is a type of symmetry.

Angles are 2 rays that meet, they are either 45%, 90%, 108%, and some angles can be 180%.

This pair of double doors is shaped as a vertex.

An angle is when two rays meet.

At the front of PKES is an obtuse angle.

The Principle of PKES is flexing a right angle.

This piece of paper is a type of acute angle.

Shapes are figures that either have angles/sides, or no angles/sides and is 2d.

The door stopper is a model of a circle.

This red figure is an eight sided octagon.

Has five sides starts with a "p". It's a pentagon.

A brick is a prime example of a 2 parallel lined shape, rectangle.

The leg of a K is in the form of a rhombus.

The shadow shown in the picture is an image of a trapezoid.

The cafeteria tile is arranged as a square.

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