How to make the graphic45 an eerie tale book in the box

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An Eerie Tale story book in the box

Paint the all corners with tease colors

Hold by this design This is become the lid

Inside of lid

Die the paper by Grid Works

And paste on the box

Black chipboard score the line 2 1/2'-4 5/8'-2 1/2' square

Cut like above

Hold and paste

Paint the color

Paste the 12'paper Cut size 8of 2 1/4'x4 1/2' 2of 4 1/2'x4 1/2'

Trim the 8'paper and paste Make 3D

detail of lid

Make a story book

Add ribbon

Put the book on the box in the box (Lol)

Make the book as Partition

Partition's book Size 2x2' 2x4 5/8'

open the lid

under the story book

4boxes with keys

box large ,medium,small with books

small boxes

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