How to make a father's day watercolor message

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Use these supplies to create a Father's Day keepsake your dad will treasure.

Put a tiny amount of water in your small container. Place the sponge on top and press down so it absorbs all of the water.

Download this tracing template from our blog at Place your half sheet of watercolor paper on top of the template matching the corners.

Trace your left hand onto the BACK of the scrapbook paper piece and cut it out with your scissors.

Use your glue stick to adhere the watercolor paper to your mat board. Be sure to put glue stick all the way to the edges and press them down firmly to keep them from curling up.

Use your glue stick to adhere your hand cutout on top of the watercolor paper as shown. Be sure to put glue stick all the way to the edges and press them down firmly to keep them from curling up.

It's time to add your lettering. Our sample says: Hands down my Dad's the best Around!

If it's hard to fit the word "my" into your lettering, you can just turn the word so that it goes up and down instead of across.

Trace over all of your pencil lines with the permanent marker. Erase any stray pencil markings that didn't get covered.

You can also outline your hand cutout with permanent marker if you like.

Use your ruler to make a small line along the top center edge of your picture on the backside.

Remove the adhesive from the picture hanger and adhere it to your picture using the mark for centering.

Your Father's Day gift is done! You even have room to write a sweet little message to let Dad know how much you love him.

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