How to make a tropical summer smoothie

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U can partially freeze ur watermelon by keeping it on the first rack of the freezer. Or u can just chill it real good by keepin it in fridge overnight. Frozen watermelon will give u slushy smoothie.

Scoop out with melon scoop and scrape off lighter flesh from the green rind of the watermelon too. The lighter green part & the rind is jam packed with vitamins and nutrients. More than the red flesh

Scoop out as much watermelon as you require. If you fill a standard blender jug, it fills half of it when blended. The partially frozen watermelon is gonna give the smoothie a slushy texture

Add some aloe gel fresh 4m aloe vera leaf that I froze too.Hold frozen aloe vera leaf under water for a minute, then peel off green layer to reveal transparent aloe gel.It's great for stomach healing

Take other fruits of ur choice. I have plums, half a mango, 1 little cucumber, half a Granny Smith apple and a lemon. You can add apricots, peaches, papaya, or even greens to make it green smoothie.

First off, blend watermelon. As you can see it looks kinda slushy. if you squeeze lemon n orange juice n drink as it is, will give chills n brain freeze even in 40+ degrees! A super summer cooler

Now peel off mango n add its pulp.Add ur Granny Smith n cucumber.I prefer not peelin but in that case it should b organic.I do peel plums Cz their skin is too sour.Here The red pulp over mango is plum

This is what it looks like after u add all ur cut up fruit to watermelon n aloe vera blend. It's so chilled you can see the water condensing on the blender. You can add flax seeds too for energy boost

Pulse the blender n while ze smoothie is whirling inside, I took 7 apricot seeds. I always save seeds after eating apricots. They're full of Laetrile, vit. B12 which kills any cancerous cells in body

Crush em in pestle n mortar. take out the almond hidden inside. If you're health conscious, u can always add these to ur smoothies n juices n be sure that they're fighting off any bad cells inside u

Add those 7 apricot seeds to ur smoothie. Blend away for a minute or two. About the fruit peel, you can smear it on ur face as mask. Good for skin. No part of a fruit is useless I always believe

Pour out ur smoothie into a mason jar or big glass. Best is to Drink it right away. Else you can cover it n refrigerate for max. 5 hours Cz watermelon can change its taste fast

Drink away and feel energized. Beware the brain freeze! But I'll recommend to drink it at a bearable/moderate temp If you're taking smoothies n juices everyday. Everything in moderation is good

See that oozing natural goodness of it! It tastes even more scrumptious if you share with family n friends. So I always do =)

A thing about aloe vera is that it's effect is hot for body so beginners should use it carefully. I'd suggest this much size of aloe vera leaf to use in ur smoothie/juice.

Aloe vera rind is great for constipation. Relieves instantly. But it'll make ur smoothie taste bitter. So, a heads up on that. Enjoy the tropical summer smoothie. Cheerio!

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