How to make a pizza paddle

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Draw a template

Measure wood and place on pizza paddle template do not glue together yet

Practice claiming your wood together so when you glue it you do this and it doesn't fall apart

Use pva glue to glue your wood to together

Make sure you glue your wood tightly so it doesn't fall apart

Put wood through the machine

Repeat until wood is all level

Use electric sander to smooth the pizza padal

Sand wood until smooth

Cut a diagonal line across the top of the pizza padal

Sand again

Draw template onto pizza padal

Cut pizza paddle with ban saw along your template line

Sand edges of the pizza paddle until the sides are not sharp

Drill hole in the top of the pizza padal and sand till smooth

Make sure the edges are smooth and round

Oil your pizza paddle and let it dry fully

Sand again until smooth

Oil your board again and let it dry

Sand your pizza paddle with steel wool

Oil pizza paddle once more and let It dry

Finished product

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