How to make stain remover

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This is my cup measures (tesco) 1cup - 250ml, 1/2 cup - 125ml, 1/3 cup - 80ml, 1/4 cup - 60ml

Any washing up liquid will do, the hydrogen peroxide im using is 40vol or 12% from salon services (can also get from a chemist), rubber gloves are needed as the peroxide will stain the skin

Plus a fork or whisk to mix

Mixture amount can be altered, as long as its 2 parts peroxide to 1 part fairy & one part bacarbonate of soda

The bubbling is normal

The stain

Apply the mixture to stain, & rub in

The stain is disappearing already

The front vest is discoloured

I have removed the stain from the other vest & just put the discoloured vest into the rest of the mixture, you don't have to do this if its a small colour run

Leave for 1 hour, if you are using on a coloured item leave for 10-15mins

After a 30min cycle in my machine, all stains and discolouring are gone, i put them in by themselves, then in for a full wash with the rest of the whites

This one was the discoloured one

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