How to make a strawberry cheesecake smoothie

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Here are ALL of the ingredients. Cream cheese, milk, honey(you can use sugar or stevia or whatever you prefer) and your spices/flavors(vanilla,cinnamon), graham crackers and strawberries

You will need a measuring cup and plastic bag

Before you make your smoothie, take some graham crackers. I used 4 but you can use more or less. Place them in the bag and...

HIT IT! Just demolish those crackers.

Put a few pieces of the crushed crackers at the bottom of your glass

Measure your 1.5 cups milk. If you want it to be thicker, use less milk and more creamcheese

Here's the creamcheese

When I initially developed the recipe, I used 6 ounces but after some testing, I like to used 8. I like my shakes thick. You can use more or less depending on what you like.

Place the cream cheese in the jug.

Honey time :) measure out your honey or sweetener.

Place the honey in the jug

Measure your vanilla extract

You can put in some ground cinnamon if you desire, I used cinnamon graham crackers so the recipe already had cinnamon in it. But I just used a dash more, Because I like cinnamon

Place cinnamon in jug

Add your frozen strawberries. Or whatever fruit you desire.

You can stop it here or....

You can add some of the crushed graham cracker pieces for texture.

Wait a minute or 2 or until it's blended to your desired consistency.

I made another glass, it's a lot of smoothie.

If you desire, layer it.

I think I did pretty good for my first try.

The 3rd(smallest) cup doesn't have any graham cracker in it. I didn't want to waste any smoothie...because it's SOOO yummy. ENJOY :)

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