How to make summer vegetable tian in a combitherm

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Slice all your ingredients as shown.

Brush a pan with olive oil.

Put your eggplant slice on the pan and brush them with olive oil as well.

Preheat your Alto-Shaam CTProformance oven to 575f.

Roast the eggplant for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile start to make your custard. Combine eggs, cream, Parmesan ...

Mix well.

Add pesto, salt and pepper.

And stir again very well.

Pepper flakes are optional.

After 5 minutes your eggplant will look line this.

Layer your baking dish with the veggies like this.

Pour the custard over the veggies.

Now it's ready to bake.

Place into a preheated 350F (177C) oven.

Bake in combi mode for 30 minutes. Use 60% fan for evenness and gentle air motion.

After 30 minutes your tian looks like this! Enjoy!!!

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